We'll try to answer some of the common issues that are raised when using our Developer Portal here.

What is this site?

This site is the developer portal for Transport for London's OpenAPI. Developers are encouraged to use it to view documentation and generate subscription keys to access our API.

What kinds of data can I access?

You can use this API to do things such as get the overall occupancy for a bike point, or air quality data etc.

What is a Product?

A "Product" is what you subscribe to, which gives you access to a series of APIs with a subscription key. General users are able to access the main Product called "500 Requests per min" which lets users make 500 requests a minute against our Unified API.

How will my data be used?

Our CDN layer will track request metrics in order to enforce subscription keys. Our analytics layer will record a sample of successful requests and all failed requests.

How can I request for my account to be deleted?

Unused accounts are automatically deleted after a year, but otherwise you can directly request it by email. Please note we are unable to help with Oyster account deletion requests. Please email [email protected] instead or call 0343 222 1234 to discuss anything else about your Oyster & Contactless account.

Can I request more than 500 requests a minute?

For large-volume requests please contact us by email.

What is the expiration policy for my keys?

User accounts that haven't made a request in the last year will be automatically disabled and deleted.

How can I use your data?

The Terms and Conditions of using the data found in this API can be found our website.

How do I report problems/enhancements with the API?

To report issues we recommend visiting the forum.

Where can I find more information?

For more technical guidance we recommend visiting the forum and the TfL Digital Blog.